Kids are back to school and business is starting to get back to normal now, its been a funny old 6 months. One that know one could have expected.

Now is absolutely the perfect time to assess your personal brand and invest your time and energy into your own business. It’s the perfect time to be elevating your personal brand to the next level. 

Here’s my step-by-step checklist for refreshing your personal brand:

Access where your brand is at currently

Its time to take a good long look at your brand and your business.

Check out your website, your social media platforms, your current clients, your brand design and your brand photos are all in line with your brand story.

Take notes of what you’re happy with and what needs more attention. What could make your persona stronger?

Set new goals

Where would you’d like to be one, five, even ten years from now.?

What does your brand look like? What does it feel like? Who are your ideal clients? What does your life look like?

Do you need to create or implement new systems for your business and brand?

Dream big – then set goals. Both short and long-term ones. Dont forget to celebrate each time you hit that goal.

Fine tune your brand story 

I love to brain storm, and i find this is the best way to fine tune your brand story.

Think about your brand mission
• Your values – Words to describe how you want other people to think about you and your business.
• Why you do what you do – What drives your passion for your business.
• What you want to deliver to your ideal client – What do you do/have that they need? What problems do they have and how can you solve them.

Write it all down, putting your ideal client front and centre in your brand story.

Update your brand visuals

Once you have your brand story nailed down, you need to implement it. Your website, logo and your brand colours, every aspect of your branding needs to do its part in telling your story.

If you are struggling, find a good graphic designer who will help you with a logo and colours that will attract your ideal client.

Take some new photos

You need to be at the very forefront of your business. Your are your brand. People want to get to know you, find out about you, learn to trust you all before they will buy what every you are selling.

A good personal branding photographer will help you discover what photos you need, but you can always set up an at-home photoshoot. Keep your brand story, colours, and visuals in mind as you prepare.

It doesn’t matter where you are with your personal brand right now, it only takes are a few thoughtful tweaks to get it to where you’d like it to be.

As long as you’re willing to put in the work, be authentic, and find the right people to help you out, you will be able to create a memorable, successful & profitable personal brand.

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