Personal branding has become a bit of a buzz word recently. We are constantly told we need to show up online to allow our audience to get to know us. Selfies play a part in this, but there are reasons why professional images are needed.


first impressions really do matter!

There are so many people doing what you do, that if you dont give the right first impression, people will go elsewhere.


1, It helps to build trust

If you show up on social media with nothing but selfies, this is going to give your audience the wrong message. It shouts that you aren’t really that bothered and you don’t take your business seriously.

Buy using professional images, you shout that you a serious about your business so much so that you’ve invested in it.

People wont invest in your business, if you can’t show that you’ve invested in it yourself.


2, They show the best version of you

As a professional personal branding photographer, it is my job to make you look good! I know the poses that will work to hide that double chin you worry about and the tummy you are conscious of. Ive been at this a long time now (as of 2022 15 years!), so I got ya!

I also delve deep into your business and find out all about your messaging, your ideal client and you as a person. All this information will help me devise the photos that you need to showcase your brand.


3, lots of content

Ok, so you might think that this is obvious but if you aren’t using a professional branding photographer, you might just end up with a lot of beautiful images, that you cant really use. What a waste of money that would be!

When you sit down with me, we go through what images you need to go with the content you put out there, making sure that every image you have will really work for you and your business.


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