Your photos are a massive part of what makes a successful personal brand come to life. Its also what is key to standing out from everyone else in your industry.

If you are serious in building a successful business, then you need to ensure you have professional high quality images. However not all photographers are created equal, for this reason I have put together a guid on things to look for when choosing a brand photographer.


There are many photographers out there who will produce amazing images, but they probably wont be the images you need for your business.

I had a client who recently told me they hired a lovely portrait photographer to take photos of them for their business and while the photos are amazing, most are unusable, because they do not really reflect the business or brand.

Yes they may be a cheaper option and you may be tempted, but you may just end up with lots of lovely photos you cant use.


Make sure that your chosen photographer specialises in Brand photography. They will go into so much detail about you and your business so you have a bank of on brand images, that will portray your values and messages.


Photography is so subjective that all photographers will have a different style. Some may be light an airy and others maybe dark and moody. Some may be funky and other traditional. It pays to check out their portfolio and see which style suits your brand.


Find out what else is included in your brand photography package. It may be tempting to compare on price alone, but what actually is included in your package? Brand photography is so in depth that a lot of work goes on behind the scenes. So beside the time you spend with the photographer and how many photos you receive, what else do you get?

Discovery call

Most branding photographers will offer a free no obligation discover call before you book. This is not only so the photographer can find out all about you, its also so you can get a feel for each other. You might love the photographers work, but you just done gel with them. It also allows you to ask questions to see if you fit.

A good personal branding photographer will know how tor bring your brand to life, they will do the work with you to understand things like your ideal client, you values, your messages, your mission and your story. Never underestimate the worth a professional brand photographer, they are worth every penny.


If you’d like a free no obligation discovery call, you can book it here?


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