When planning your shoot, whether that be with myself or DIY, you need to consider what props to use. Heres my guide to ones you shouldn’t be without.

1 – Your computer

Your laptop or tablet is without a doubt, on of the most important tools in your business. You use it multiple times a day, everyday and you’d be lost without it. There are so many kids of photos you can take using it, from close up of your hands to over the shoulder, to you pretending to be on a zoom call to a client. It’s so versatile that you can take it anywhere, from the office to sofa, to a cute little cafe.

2 – Your Phone

Taking calls, sending email or updating social media, our phones have become as much as an important part of running or business as the computer. They are usually the main point of connection between you and audience. By taking photos with your phone you are demonstrating this connection as showing your clients how you like to work.

3 – Note book and pen

I don’t know about you but I still love my stationary and making sure they are in my branding colours brings me joy. From journaling, planning, making notes, writing lists, brain storming and so much more they are just so versatile. These make great photos to use on blogs, websites, newsletters and social media.

4 – Books

Your favourite books can be used to show so many different sides of you and your business. You can show you reading your favourite fiction book on your down time or self development books, to show you are working on yourself to business books. Team them with a cup of coffee and snuggled up on the sofa helps to show your audience about what you like.

5 – bits and bobs

Think of things that make you really you that show what kind of person you are. Do you have a love of crystals or lots of plants, maybe you have a collection of something that is unique to you. Its all about letting your audience see who you are beyond your business.

So I hope you have found this useful. The important thing to remember is to make sure your images are tell your story. They should show who you are, what you do, who you help and how you help them.