Business owners have come to understand just how powerful personal branding photos can be and how integral being visible is to the success of their business.

People are far more focused on working with people they feel they know that with a faceless company.

Here are some fab trends that you should try for your next brand shoot.

The great outdoor

We are spending more and more time outside since lockdown as we have realised the benefits fresh air has on us. Company photos are no longer just photos of your business, people want to see all side of you and that includes your personal life, family, pets & hobbies. So why not incorporate these into your photos.

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Home comforts

If you work from home, please want to see your working environment, weather that be at your desk, a dining room table or even from the sofa. They want to see this. Keeping it authentic is what the best personal branding photos all have in common. Some professional are taking it one step further and showing other activities around the home. Be that, getting the kids ready for school, making breakfast, chilled out on the sofa with a book.


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Don’t be so serious

I really hate seeing branding photos of people looking so serious. Honestly, you are trying to entice people to work with you, not cross the street to get away from you.

Yes I understand you want to look like a serious business, but that can include you smiling in your photos as well as some highly expressive photos too.

The most important thing is to know what messages you need to say so you can produce the right feel in the photo. If you are putting across frustration, you don’t want to use a photo of you laughing.

If you’ve not had any photos done before, or you need to update your photos, why not book a free no obligation