I often get asked by my Brand Photography clients whats the best way to use their brand photography photos that will allow them to connect with their audiance and ultimately grow their business.

So i’ve put together my 5 top tips.


Before you get started you want to clarity on your brands personality (in otherwords your personality). Write down a list of all your traits. Are you quirky, outgoing, fun, laidback, spiritual, adventurous, sarcastic?

Once you have this list you can start and think of ideas that will show that.

Behind the scenes

One of my questions I alk my clients is how do you work?

Are you a coach who does all their sessions via zoom or do you do in person sessions. Once I know this we can show the behid the scenes. People are nosy and like to see what’s going on behindthe scenes. So take lots of behind the scenes photos showing how are you work and going about day-to-day tasks.


The props you use in your photos will help show your personality and will be unique to you. They can be simple tools that you use every day such as your computer, notebook, your pen and even your mug that you drink your coffee out of. Make sure they are in your brand colours and they can help to show the personality of your brand.

You can also use every day personal items that you love having in your life.

Location Location Location

Remember with your photos it doesn’t always have to be about work. We want to show your personality and do this we need to show you outside of work to. Here are some ideas that you can use:

  • office
  • kitchen
  • sofa
  • garden
  • park
  • coffee shop
  • city centre 

Just think about who your ideal client is and what message you want to get across to them, when choosing your location.


The keen horsewomen I like to include my horses in a lot of the photos that I put on social media. Showing your hobbies is a great way for your clients to realy get to know all about you and help them to connect. So think of all the fun things you like doing and show your audiance.