Linkedin is a great platform to connect with potential clients and to network with others.

The profile picture creates a first impression to anyone you interact with, so you need to be sure, it’s having the right effect, here are a few mistakes to avoid:

1 – Your photo is outdated.

Theres really no excuse for using an old photo of yourself. Yes you may think you look better 10 years ago than you do now, but if people cant recognise you from your profile photo, that can lead to a lack of trust.

Ladies, if your hairstyle has changed, get your photos updated. Dont use those old photos of you as a brunette when now your blonde.


2 – Holiday/party photos are a big no no

Ive lost count on how many profiles I see using a holiday snap or a photo from a night out as a profile picture on Linkedin.

Come on people, this is a profession platform and that really doesn’t look very professional.

If you dont have the budget to get professional photos done (which I highly recommend doing), set your smart phone up and take a couple of headshots.


3- What are you wearing?

Now im not saying you should be suited and booted, if thats not how you would normally dress when seeing a client or attending a meeting, you should wear something that looks smart and reflects you day to day.

What are you currently wearing in your profile photo?

Would a potential client or employer find it off-putting? If so, it’s time to update your LinkedIn profile photo


4- It lacks personality

Linkedin has moved on from the very stiff and formal platform it use to be, now people want to see some personality in profile photos.

So instead of standing in front of a white/black background, try an outdoor headshot of you laughing instead.

Also, avoid cutting out your headshot and adding to a brightly coloured background. This is a trend that is going round and all you are doing is blending in with everyone else. You want you photo to stand out!


5- Poor quality

Again, this is another one, I see a lot of, blurry fuzzy photos.

We can see what you look like and that can be off putting for potential clients. Time to invest in some business headshots.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can upload a LinkedIn profile picture that stands out and tells your personal brand story.


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