I first met Hayley at a networking meeting and we hit it off immediately.

She started her first business at 18 and she really struggled. 14 years later and that business is still going strong and Hayley has learnt along the way diffrent stratagies that has made that business a continuing success.

Shes passionate about helping people who, while being amazing at what they do, they really struggle with the operational/foundational elements of how to run a business efficiently, effectivley and profitable.

For her photo shoot sshe wanted to show her woking behind the scenes, her new book, on zoom calls with clients and her work space.

Here a just a few images from her shoot. 

I loved working with Hayley, she was so much fun and let me rearrange her home and get creative with the images.

Heres a little behind the scenes photo from the day.


Personal branding shoot

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