Great personal branding photos go way beyond just a head shot. They help to tell the whole story of you and your brand.

They show you at your very best and get across your personality to your ideal client, helping them to get to know, like and trust you.

So how can you make sure your Personal branding photos tell your story?

Here are a few things you’ll need to know:


This is something you need to know before booking a brand photography shoot.Think about who you are and why do you do what you do. What you have to offer. What are your values, what makes you unique.Then, write it all down. Don’t be afraid to dig deep!

One thing I do with all my clients is supply them with a work book so we can go though your story and build your session around that.


Once you have your story nailed down, its time to think about who you want to talk to.

If you know exactly who you are speaking to, who you want to work with, who you want to book your services and buy your products, your marketing will be much more effective and impactful. It will also be more successful.

To know that person, almost like you know a friend, helps your marketing become much more targeted and effective.

You should know him or her intimately —
Who are they?
Do the run a business or what job do they do?
What sort of person are they?
What age are they,
where do they live,
do they have a family?
What other things do they do with their spare time?
What are their loves in life and in business?
What are their passions?
What are their challenges and worries?
What keeps them awake at night etc

Give them a name.

If you are generic and try and speak to everyone, then no one will answer.


I love working with business ladies and entrepreneurs, i get to do the story telling with you. You and your photographer nee to be on the exact same page when it comes to your shoot.

After my client have competed their work book, we schedule a zoom call to go through everything and start to plan the shoot. We decide on 3 or 4 themes that best tell your story and plan how you want to show that in images. So come shoot day, we are all prepared.


On the day of the shoot try and wear something that you feel comfortable in and where possible, in your brand colours (or at least have elements of your brand colours in there somewhere).

If your wanting to get across that you are professional, a track suite just wouldn’t work, so think about how you want to come across in your images.

Have a few different outfits planned out for the different segments of your shoot. My clients also have access to a lovely personal stylist, who dose reduced cost styling sessions to help you get the most out of your shoot.


Dont forget you can use props in your shoot too. Things like your favourite mug, a note pad (in your brand colours of course) and products from your business. These all help to tell your brand story.

If you follow my top personal brand photoshoot tips, you will get so much more than just a headshot!

You’ll receive a gallery full of images that speak to your ideal client, tell your story, and show off your personality!