People form an impression of you and your business in seconds, it doesn’t matter if its face to face or online, your clients will quickly form an opinion about you based on what they see.

Social media plays a major role in how people perceive us online, even more so when you are running a business.

It can be a powerful tool, but only if you are consistent,  are committed in keeping your profiles up to date and are engaged.

I’ve put together some tips to  help make sure that social media doesn’t damage your personal brand.

Use the same handles and domains

Try and make sure that you are using all the same handles across all your social media platforms.

For example my Facebook handle is Brand photography by wings & so is my Instagram handle.

Perfect your Bio

If your Bio is inconsistent, its not going to do your personal brand any favours.

The best thing ive found is to turn your elevator pitch into your bio and use it across all social media platforms.  You also need a professional headshot or business image to create an amazing first impression.

Think twice about your content

You need to be very selective about what content you put out on social media. Once you post something, it has the potential so stay online forever, which means it will forever be associated with your personal brand. Posts have a tendency to come back to haunt you, you only have to look at the media to see people loosing their jobs because of something they posted 10 years ago.

Be consistent

If you want to market your personal Brand online, consistency is the key. You need to be posting at regular times, when you know your ideal client is going to be online. Plan your social media and blog and schedule them for the time your customers will be online. There’s no point in posting something  at 7am if your audience isn’t online until 7pm, social media moves that fast that your post will be way down their newsfeeds before they have the chance to see it.

Keep an eye on the comments too and interact and engage with them in a meaningful way.