If you want people to do business with you, you need to show them who you are – be the face of your brand, not hide behind a logo or a statement.

Our clients are bombarded with advertising, so we need to give people a reason to trust them. Why should they do business with you and not her down the road?

You need to build that connection with them, after all, people buy from people they know like and trust.

So what can you do to get more sales?

Consistency is key

It’s important to make sure that your presence, both on and off line, are consistent. The same tones, feelings, language, colours, fonts on your social media, your website, on your videos and lives and when people meet you inperson too.

Use the same photo, bio info, and graphics across all of your profiles so that people will instantly recognise you. Theres nothing worse that seeing your FB page profile picture is completely different to you instagram one!

Show up regularly

If you are on social media, you need to show up regularly on there. Show up at the same time each day or go live on the same day each week. If you are using email marketing, kept it at regular intervals rather than sporadic. This not only shows you are trustworthy but it shows you are reliable too. Same goes for blogs.

show your personality

We use to be told that we need to keep everything we do really professional, but now, thats been turned on its head. We like to connect with the people we are buying from so building those connections is really important. By showing your personality and being authentically you you are going to connect with more people.

People want to get to know the real you and no one else can be you!!

Go live

There is nothing more powerful at the moment, that going live on a regular basis, or using regular videos to showcase you and what you do. It is the quickest way to get across your personality. FB also loves lives and videos so it will show them to more people. Yes I know you hate going live, bu so do your competitors, so you’ll be doing something they aren’t!