I met Hannah at a networking group and got to know all about her and her wonderful business helping both women and men who suffer with incontinence.

When I checked out her social media and website, I found she was using lots of stock images, she had no photos of herself and only 1 photo of her clinic which was taken on a mobile.


To help her clients Hannah uses a special chair called the EMSELLA chair. It uses focused electromagnetic energy to cause pelvic-floor muscle contractions and helps with restoring neuromuscular control.

As incontinence is a bit of a taboo subject, Hannah was struggling with trying to get across how amazing this treatment is.

We needed to show:

⭐️ That when you sit on this chair you are fully clothed.

⭐️That it’s not at all scary

⭐️That it could be a fun experience.

⭐️What it would look like to walk in to the clinic

⭐️How it would look when having the treatment.

⭐️Lots of photos of Hannah, so potential clients could get to know, like and trust her.


We also had the added complication of Hannahs mobility, she is waiting for a hip replacement so she had issues getting around.


I had to be mindful at all times what I was asking her to do and if she was feeling any discomfort. I made sure we had plenty of breaks and where possible, had her seated. We took everything at her pace.


What made you choose me as your Brand Photographer?
”Your enthusiasm and creativity and the way you go that extra mile for your clients”

What were your feelings before the shoot?
”I was nervous that I would be able to do what you needed and that I looked ok to project the best image for my business.”


How have you found the experience working with me, how has it made you feel?
”Working with you was wonderful we got some fantastic pictures, you made me feel good and it was a fun morning. Nothing was too much trouble.”


What would you say to someone who was considering using Lyn at Brand Photography by Wings?
”If you want to project your business in the best light, have a photo shoot with Lyn. She is creative, professional and can take you business to the next level. I absolutely love the photos.”


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Here are a few images from Hannah brand photography session.