We’ve been in lock down for 11 weeks now and you are probably running out of things to post on your social media.

You know you need to stay visible but you are stuck for things to post to keep your audience engaged  and to help build that know like and trust factor with them.

1, Your working environment

This is one of my favourites, in my personal brand photography shoots, we almost always include these type of photos.

If you are now working from home, while looking after the kids, post what your new working environment looks like. You could always do a before lockdown and during lockdown comparison of your working space.

2, You as a mum

Virtual shoot - Personal brand Photography

For those of us who are parents, we are not only trying to work in a new environment, we also have kids at home, trying to keep them entertained.

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to keep it 100% professional on social media.

Your ideal client, wants to get to know like and trust you. To discover your story. Your family are part of that story.

Chances are, your ideal client will 100% relate.

If you don’t post photos of your kids on social media, you can always include some of them from behind (so their faces aren’t shown), their hands, while they are working away or playing with a toy or even just the mess they leave behind.

3, Your pet

Personal brand Photography

Posting a picture of your fur babies is bound to get people talking. Here in the UK we a nation of pet lovers. Use them to stop the scroll.

Cat sitting on your keyboard?

Out on a dog walk?

Post those pics.

4, Hobbies

Personal brand Photography

Remember people want to get to know you and that includes what your interests are outside of work. By sharing images of you engaging in your hobbies you are inviting your audience to take a glimpse into your life, and helping to build that know like and trust.

5, Props

Personal brand Photography

Don’t forget to show what you sell. Use every opportunity to include images of your products. If you sell a service, think about the items you use in your business as props.

It could even be something as simple as a cup of coffee on your desk as you’ve set up for work.

Take a look at my free guide to taking scroll stopping images, to help you get the perfect shots using your mobile.