About Me

I’ve been a professional photographer for over 14 years and love getting to meet and help lovely business owners all over the UK and Europe

Although I totally love the photography side, what I really love is being able to help business ladies to grow, not only their business but their confidence too.

Everything I do is for my family. Family is so important to me, they are the reason I started my own business.

I wanted to achieve that work/life balance that I never seemed to have working for someone else. 

To be able to run a successful business and still be a mum is priceless.


I’ve been a keen horse woman since I was 5. I’ve owned my own horse since 15. I purchased her as a 9 month old foal and she is now the grand old age of 25. She’s retired now and living her best life as a field ornament.

Even though I can no longer ride her, I still enjoy my morning ritual of early mornings down at the stables. I love being outdoors and the quiet gives me the time to plan my day.

My Loves



My kids are

My world

I love

A good cup of tea

I love

relaxing in the garden

I love

My dogs