If you’re a confident, successful entrepreneur, but posing in front of the camera fills you full of dread, then you’re not alone.

I’ve lost count of the amount of women I speak to that confessed that they hate having their photo taken. To be completely honest I don’t think I’ve actually met anyone who truly loves having their photo taken.

Camera phobia is a real fear and it’s something loads of people experience. But if you’re running a business, then having photos of you is 100% necessary.

It allows you to connect with your audience by showing them that you are a genuine person and you are the face behind your business. Your audience wants to see your face and to get to know you they don’t just want to hear about your work.

Showing up online is one of the quickest ways to build connections, create trust and gain loyal clients.

So how do you get over the fear?

I’ve been a professional photographer for many years and I’ve learnt lots of ways to help people get it over their camera fear.

These are my 8 tips for camera shy people.

 1 . Connect with your photographer

This is one of the most important factors when choosing a Personal branding photographer. Finding the right one can make the difference between a good shoot and a bad shoot.

If you don’t feel comfortable with your photography then they are not going to get the best out of you as you wont feel comfortable and relaxed.

I like to have at least 2 face to face meetings (either in person or via zoom) before we even meet up to take any photos. I find that by the time we do get round to taking photos we already feel like we know each other fairly well.

2. Location Location Location

Your location should help to convey to your audience what are you and your business are all about. If part of that is the great outdoors, but the thought of having people watching you while you’re having your photo taken fills you with dread, then maybe steer away from a city location and opt for a country location.

Having your photo shoot in you home/office can also make you feel more comfortable as theses are our safe space.

3. Mindset

If on the day you’re feeling stressed or full of negativity then this will set the tone of the photo shoot and could be a recipe for disaster and possibly lead to photos you don’t want to use.

Get yourself into the right mindset by playing your playlist and having a dance around your home. Maybe plan to have your hair and make up done on the day. This in its self is a treat and can make you feel amazing.

4. Props

Your personal branding photographer should be able to give you plenty of simple, easy poses to do. But even then, you may still feel a little bit awkward and not really know what to do with your hands. The best thing to do is to give your hands something to do.

 Grab a cup and wrap your hands around it. Have a note pad and pen to hand so you can look as though you are working. Same with a laptop or phone.

Your branding photographer will go thought this with you before the day and come up will a kinds a props for you to use.

5. Wardrobe.

One thing I always advise my clients is that the clothes you wear for your branding photoshoot need to complement your brand. But one of the biggest things is that they make you feel comfortable. If you don’t like your upper arms, don’t wear a sleeveless top. If you are trying to hide your legs, don’t wear a short dress.

6. Friends

If you’re feeling incredibly nervous then don’t do it alone. You’re more than welcome to bring a trusted friend to your shoot to help you feel more at ease.

7. Just breath

Yes I know this sounds obvious, but by taking deep breaths it can help lower your heart rate and help calm your nerves.

The last thing you want is short shallow breaths. This will increase your heart rate and can make your whole body completely tense, which means you’re going to feel uncomfortable. So just remember to relax the shoulders and take big deep breaths.

8. Enjoy yourself

Every person I’ve ever photographed on a personal branding shoot always start off with the words “I hate being in front of the camera” but by time we finished they will confess at just how much fun they’ve had and they cant wait to do it again.

Beautiful well thought personal branding photos will not only help attract your ideal client will fill you full of confidence and help elevate your business.

So if you want to find out more about my personal branding photo shoots then drop me a message.