You’ve had a brand shoot, why would you want to have another one?

There are so many reasons, which I will go into below, but ideally you should be updating your branding photos AT LEAST every 2 years.

You and your business can change a lot in that time and what was right for you then, may no longer reflect your current business.

So how do you know if you need to update your personal branding photos?

Read on for signs that you do:

 1. You’ve updated your look

Ladies, we tend to change our hair style more times than men change their socks (sorry guys).

Also, if you’ve lost a lot of weight, grown a beard or had any cosmetic surgery or your current style is totally different to what you looked like in your last brand photo session, it’s time to do a new one.

when you meet people, you want them to recognise you, otherwise you can come across untrustworthy.

2. You’ve aged

Ageing is a privilege, even though we are taught its a negative, embrace it. You may be tempted to use photos that you had done 10 years ago, because you look amazing, but this will affect the trust of people you meet, as you no longer look like you.

Embrace the change and get new photos done.

3. You’re no longer using the majority of your brand images.

Have you found that out of all your brand images from your last shoot, that you are only using a handful?

This could mean that your business has grown and your old brand photos no longer reflect where you and your business are. Time for some new ones.

4. They all look the same

Over the last few years every one has realised the importance of brand photos and they all look the same.

The whole point of having brand photos is to stand out, not blend in. Time for new photos that will reflect your marketing message and really stand out.

5. Your photos are boring!

If you’ve had your brand photos done in a studio with a plain background, these can look a bit boring and dont really allow much of your personality to come across. Having your photos taken in different environments, such as your office, kitchen or a coffee shop will help your audience to get a feel for you and your business.


So is it time for you to upgrade?