You may think that good Professional Personal Branding photos aren’t important but that’s where you are wrong.

The photos you post on social media are a visual story telling representation of you and your business!


 People are fickle, to stop them scrolling and turn them to loyal clients, you must give them a reason.

And that’s what the photos are there for – TO STOP THE SCROLL 

If you are using poor quality photos, this really could be harming your business.

Find out how below:

You have to be in the photos

If you want people to do business with you then they need to know who you are. So for that to happen, you need to be in the photos. Now I know you hate having your photos taken, I get it, but this is such an important part of your business. If people don’t know who you are why would they choose to use your services or purchase form you when there are so many others out there that do what you do?

People buy from people and if they see you and get to know you, they will buy from you. If they don’t see you and don’t get to know you, they will buy from someone they do.

By hiring a professional branding photographer, you will ensure that you get images that not only look good and show you in the best possible light, but they will make you super confidant to show up as yourself online. After all, you are the face of your business.

Look professional

 If you are using poor quality images then you are giving the impression to your clients that you don’t really care. That you cant be bothered to invest in your business and that you don’t really consider your business to be worth much. And who in their right mind would want to work with someone who doesn’t care about their own business?

I’m mean you wouldn’t go to a job interview in jeans and t-shirt would you? It’s the same principal. First impressions really do count.

By using professional images, you will show your client that you are a professional in your field, you know what you’re doing and you value your own business. If you look professional you can also charge more too.

 Tell the story of you and your business

If you’ve hired a Professional photographer who is not a Branding expert, you will end up with nice looking images, but will the photos actually by any more than that?

 The answer is probably a big fat NO.

You don’t just need headshots and pretty images, you need images that are going to stop your audience scrolling and really resonate with them. For an image to do that, the photographer really has to know, in depth, all about you, your business and your dream client.

This is exactly what I do. I delve deep inside your head and come up with images that tell the story of you and your business.


So if you are looking to improve your business think about updating your images. You may think its a big expense, but compared to all the business you could be loosing, it really is a drop in the ocean.

Why not book a free 30 mins brand clarity consultation to see if your branding images are letting you down: